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Fixing Crooked Teeth Case Processing

Six Month Smiles provides you with everything you need to treat patients with crooked teeth.

The cornerstone of the Six Month Smiles System is the Patient Tray Kit™. The Patient Tray Kit is customized for each patient and has all of the materials you will need to treat each particular patient. This includes Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok® brackets and wires and much more. The clear brackets are precisely positioned on models by bracket specialists and included in custom bonding trays to ensure quick, predictable and delegable placement of the braces on the patient’s teeth. Six Month Smiles bracket technicians are thoroughly trained on Short Term Ortho specific bracket placement principles. Passionate Clinical Instructors are a key contributor to the orthodontic training process. They are dedicated to excellence because as a fellow clinicians, they understand that highly accurate and strategic bracket placement is essential to achieving the desired orthodontic results for aligning and fixing crooked teeth. The Patient Tray Kit is incredibly valuable and makes the addition of Short Term Ortho to a general practice easy and affordable.

Case processing for Six Month Smiles cases is dependable and fast. After your digital scans or models and PVS impressions are received, the processing time for your case is just five days! This allows you to begin your case right away as most Six Month Smiles patients are ready and excited to get started as soon as possible with their braces. This turnaround time is significantly shorter than the most popular clear aligner companies provide. Various types of retainers are also available through the Six Month Smiles case processing facility. Bonded retainers (fabricated in easy to use bonding trays), clear removable retainers and Hawley retainers are available and all are affordable.

Six Month Smiles: Short Term Orthodontic training for general dentists. 

The Six Month Smiles Patient Tray Kit™ is the cornerstone of the Six Month Smiles System and the key component for easily and cost-effectively implementing cosmetic orthodontics in a general practice.

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